Another day

well, here i am again….it is Aprill for fucks sake and its snowing to beat hell……..unreal :p

Well, i have another neice, Jennifer Mischell Davis. Can’t wait til i can get to the hospital to see her. She was born around 2ish this afternoon, she weighs 7 lb and 5 oz, and now they are saying, after they induced, that shes almost a month early. *sigh* You would think that they would figure this crap out, especially after the million sonos that she had.

The thing that sucks is that her dad, who is innocent in my eyes, is in prison because some people are ignorant assholes. Now he can’t see her til after she’s a year old. I just want to hurt someone over this. I guess that I can’t do that, but i can dream can’t I ­čśÇ Someday somone will pay tho, and they will pay dearly……

Well, thats it for now ­čÖé Have a nice day!

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