i recently discovered that i fucking hate people. not all of them but enough that the next time someone i remotely do not like crosses my path, they will be lucky to have a head. due to some neighbors that i had(long story, some of you know this) i had to be kicked out of my home. now this wouldnt be so bad, well as bad as it is anyways, if above mentioned had just taken responsibility and moved on, but they couldnt do that. they had to blame me for this that and the other thing. they then broke into my house, stole my two cats and all my dvds and playstation 2 games. i of course called the cops, and even then, they tried to blame this all on my. i told the cop look i dont give a fuck what, who, when or how they all do whatever, i just want my shit back. i am tired of the childish bullshit. then i find out yesterday that my stuff is at another alleged friend and MY FUCKIN UNCLES house….we call, and he said no they werent there, but then i hear from other various sources that they are there, so now i am going to the cops, even tho there is someone else who is going to take care of it, but i want ALL my shit back and if i dont get it there are going to be alot of strange things happening all over the place……..ive had enough and i have been pushed over the edge

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