It’s highly unlikely that I have this disease, but just having one symptom, knowing that it is hereditary and that I do have family that has this disease has made me think alot about it of late.

What if I do have lupus? How is it going to affect how I live my life? What about my kids? Am I going to see them grow up, get married and have babies of their own?

I know there are alot of what ifs, and I have tried to look at it in the light that I only have two or three possible symptoms:

1) the rash on my face……can’t say anything about that, it’s been there for about three or four years now.

2) fatigue: hell, I’ve been dealing with that for a looooong time, longer than i care to think about.

3) depression: same as above

4) joint and muscle pains: the only good thing here is that I have abused myself and I’m thinking that age has caught me.

I should know in a few days as to whats going on with all that. Time will tell. Then I will know how to plan out my future.

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