The kids softball season is going strong. Made the first game today, but I spent most of it in the car with the baby. It was damned cold out there. I keep forgetting that spring in Maine is not normal. If I were still living in New York, which thank the Goddess I’m not, it would be around 80 and I’d be dying from the heat. Oh well, warm and miserable or chilly and happy. Not a hard choice to make lol.

Kimmi seems to enjoy sports, kind of. If her friends weren’t playing, she wouldn’t be either. Right now shes a bit of a follower, and I need to get it thru her head that following the crowd isn’t always a good thing, that she needs to decided and do what she wants to do. I just want her to be independent and strong, like her older sisters. Not that shes mindless or anything like that, she just would rather have someone make decisions for her and thats not a good thing.

Next week the clean up is going to begin. I want to get it done and over with as soon as possible and be home, MY home. I love my parents dearly, but I want to be out of here. Winter is over and so is most of the shit, so we can get things done. And if all the other shit falls into place, we will be good to go for awhile.

The only thing thats getting me is that i keep hearing that a good friend isn’t as good a friend as I thought. I haven’t seen it for myself as of yet, but the one that keeps telling me these things has never ever even thought of lying to me. I trust this person implicitly. I hope he’s wrong, but he usually isn’t. It drive me nuts too.

Ta for now ­čÖé

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