here i am again. First time in awhile. But nothing has really been happening. Trying to get the trailer together and ready to live in, the septic, the electric and all. So we have been staying at a friends house for the time being. Unfortunately, he got rather sick, and as of the past few months, he has become rather dependent on me. Well, last week he was in the hospital. Of course i went to visit him, as did his estranged wife. well, she goes and picks him up and yesterday while my hubby was at work he decided to inform me that he loves me. i told him that i’m sorry that i love him as a friend, and that i wish it had never gone this far. i am still madly in love with my husband and that i dont want to hurt anyone but nothing is ever going to come out of his feeling. the good thing is that we are good enough friends that he seems to understand all this and things are going on as if that conversation never took place. thats a good thing and a bad thing, but we just have to wait and see what happens next.

the funny thing is that i told my husband about this and all he said is that he had a feeling this was coming. the whole Florence nightingale-caretaker thing. i am still not sure how to wholly deal with this, its kind of freaked me out. but i guess all i can do is make the most of everything and make sure he knows that i care as a friend and nothing more.

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