Why is it

that we never think about saying what we should have til its too late? Why is it always “i should have” or “i wish i had”? When did everyone get so damned busy that noone ever had the time to stop and say hi, or wanna go to lunch?
I just lost a very dear friend. I thought about her quite often, but between my schedule and hers, there never seemed to be time to stop and say hi, or even to make a simple little phone call, and now its too late.
I’m not going to beat myself up over it, i cant…..i don’t think that i could handle it right now :s I just really do wish that i had done these things, and now the opportunity to tell her that i love her is gone, never to come around again.
She was a rather large part of my life, and i want to tell her this. I want her to be there the next big thing that happens. Most of all i just want her there………

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