Happy Happy

I was planning on trying to blog at least once a day, but I did miss yesterday, but I can always count this as the first, cuz I still haven’t been to bed.

Anyways, I am going into this new year with hope. I have been reading around blogger and looking at friends blogs as well. It makes me realize that I am lucky. I have wonderful, healthy children, an awesome husband, we finally have a house of our own, and even tho I don’t get to see them often, a great group of friends.

The only resolution that I have is to try and stay in better contact with everyone. To let them know that I do love them and if I’m not there I’m thinking about them and that I love them.

Anyways, it is my bedtime, and to any and all that do read this, have a happy and safe new year and as a friend that I know said, try to find the joy in everyone and everything around you each day, you never know what is going to happen to alter it.

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