another day

explain to me why a job will tell you that you are thisclose to being fired, yet they give you a quarter raise. its odd to me. but then again  most things are these days lol

had a near heart attack today.  Joe got home after taking Kait to Megs and getting Kara from moms, due to the roads. I got a call at work telling me that Kim wasn’t home yet. I called Rachel over so I could make a couple calls. I called the school and Sonny and Marie’s and no one had seen her. I called Joe back, and he said no Kim, but her backpack and keys were there. I went into panic overload. I was thinking of any and all things that could have happened. About 5 minutes later Joe called again, said that Kim had just came in. She had gone to check the mail and locked herself out and gone to the neighbors house. I hung up and burst into tears, feeling more guilt than I had ever had in my life. All I could think is that if I had been home, that never would have happened. I know that stuff happens, and staying home with the kids these days for most of us is a luxury, but I still couldn’t help thinking it.

On a better note, I got the storage stuff for my Christmas stuff at an awesome price. The dm in that dept marked them down 75 percent. It was awesome.

I think that’s all the excitement in my life for now.


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