I think

I’m living in the Arctic these days. It’s all of 0 degrees outside, and of course this is the night that we either ran out of oil, or the line gelled and the furnace won’t work. At least, for the moment, we have propane and can make that work, so it’s good for now.

Tomorrows high is supposed to be maybe 10 ish, which isn’t too bad as long as there is no wind, and hopefully we can get our taxes done and get some fuel in the tank, and we will have to remember the deisel 911 too, so we dont gel again. Oh well, so goes life lol.

Kimmi has been playing basketball for about 3 years now. She really likes playing too. At least it gets her from in front of the tv, PS3, whatever. The girls are doing pretty good this year, they have only lost 2 games. What I can’t believe is that they just had three games in a row, and instead of giving them tomorrow night off, the coach called a practice. I haven’t metthr the coach yet, but I’m not extremely overjoyed with her at this point either. The first game they lost, she totally wigged on the kids. That is so wrong and not what I want my kid to learn playing. They are supposed to learn coping skills through all this, and that isn’t teaching them shit.

Okies, I guess thats enough babbling for one night, I’m going to try and catch some Z’s but I don’t see that happening.


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