from the snow covered tundra of the Northeast! Thankfully the deep freeze is done for now and tomorrow on my day off i can take munchkin out to play in the 2 feet of snow that was dumped on us yesterday. It is beautiful outside right now, and I would show you if munchkin hadn’t broken the camera lol. Shit happens.

I’m so excited. We have water back at the store, so I won’t be bored shitless tonight at work, and I can actually get some work done. I love this job, and I do make the best damned pizza in town, if I do say so myself. The family says it too, but I don’t think that counts.

The store where I work tonight is an old fashioned country store. It was built back in the 1800’s, and is still owned and operated by the same family. It has the old wood floors (which are a total bitch to sweep) and so much memorabilia everywhere. Its an awesome atmosphere, and the people i work with are awesome as well. We even still have a case with penny candy, which of course isnt a penny anymore, but it’s as close as you can get. If you are ever in Bumfuck Maine you should check it out LOL.

The kidlings are already whining that they don’t want to go to school tomorrow. WTF? They have so many more days off then I ever did when I went to school, yanno as my kids say, in the stone age. I am so not that old, but damn they can make me feel it.

There is still no luck in finding the hubby a job. Things are pretty bad around here right now, and we are scraping to get by, but we are surviving. At least I have a job or two to help us get by.

Okies, that enough babbling for now, TTYL

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