I’m amazed

but at the same time, I’m not. I was reading CNN’s blog space, and I cannot believe what they actually call news, but what got me even more was the bigotry and ignorance of the people that responded to these so called news stories. I thought that we had finally gotten past all that. Apparently I was wrong. Not al the posts were like that, the majority were more intelligent and couldn’t figure out why what was written was news, but it was the others that just got to me.

On a totally different subject, does anyone have any ideas on how to keep clothes on my 3 year old? I’m not new to this by any means, but I just can’t get her to stay dressed. I have tried begging, pleading, threats, bribes, the whole nine yards. Is this my punishment for having a child after 35? I’m almost thinking yes. The munchkin is total terror in a package of adorableness. mikaylamousesee what i mean??

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