I used to love the show, but since Christmas vaca, it’s all thats been on my tv. Spawn number twos friends moms owns all the season to the current one on dvd, and not only is my kid addicted(all of them actually) so is the hubby. I swear if I hear someone singing “somebody save me” one more time, imma scream.  I just want to watch normal tv again, you know commercials and all.

Do people actually have normal family dinners? Or is this just a falacy perpatrated by the media? I have never seen one, and as many times as I have tried to gain this in my own home, it just seems more and more like a myth. Supper is more like a freakin circus than anything else, and all the clowns are freakin finiky as hell. If someone has had one of these mythical suppers, please let me know. Tell me how it’s done. Please????

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