I’ve been thinking

which usually isn’t a good thing, LOL. Cuz it’s not the happy shit. And I blame Smallville.

As mentioned before it was on in my house. Not a big deal, I am sick of it, but tolerate it for the family. Last night they played the one where Johnathon Kent dies. No biggie. Forward to the funeral scene, that’s where it hit the fan. My father died years ago, when I was thirteen, and I still have my moments where I just can’t get around it, and it’s still bigger than me. Last night, it was one of those moment. Other than the people there, and I do realize that it isn’t and what it is, just so you know, there were way to many similarities to my dads. I think alot of was just in my mind, big shock lol, but it brought back alot of memories, and not the good one either. I suppose that it was a good thing, it did bring up things that needed to be brought up and dealt with.  So hopefully that is now in the past, and one day, and I know this sounds stupid after all these years, but I still have issues with it, and maybe I can get past it.

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