I just love

getting wonderful(insert sarcasm) news first thing in the morning, don’t you?  One of my many brother-in-laws has been sick for awhile, but just chalked it up to a bad cold and emphysema. He went to the ER yesterday cuz he couldn’t breathe, they kept him over night for observation, and this morning his better half called and said that he is in isolation, they are ruling out tuberculosis, as he has a few of the symptoms. Yippie. My whole family has been exposed. At least the kids aren’t so much at risk because of their shots, it’s just us adults. When I talked to my sister in law tonight, she said that they were sending him home as soon as it was ruled out, and he could breathe, he does have double pnumonia, and he had to go back in a month. Seems they found a spot on his x-ray they don’t much like. So, now I have to keep it secret from my hubby that they are looking to him possibly having lung cancer. I cannot tell the DH this as he will not deal with it well if he does, let alone put him thru the worrying about the what ifs. You see, the DH lost his mom to cancer about 6 years ago, and he just never got over watching all that she had to go thru. He is very sensitive (not a wuss mind you)  and it bothers him greatly to this day.

I hate playing the wait and see game, and I absolutly hate keeping anything from DH, but I will not put him thru that shit, the SIL and I will just have to make sure that it stays quiet til we know for sure. Wish me luck, he has a large family and stuff never stays quiet. I just don’t want to deal with panic mode. I’m the wuss. *sigh* But I’ll explain why another day. Its past my bed time


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