For some reason, the DH told the munchkin that we got her from the bullfrogs. Tonight, she came out and told me and her daddy that when we got her, she was underground with the bull frogs at her grammies, and we walked by and she heard us and started yelling help. We heard her and dug her out.  She starts pre-k this fall. I cannot wait to see how this is going to play out, and how much the therapy bill are going to be, LOL.

Kims bball team got a bye for this week in the playoffs. Awesomeness!! They have only lost 2 games this season. The new coach is ok, but I’m still not everjoyed. I adored her old coach, and I think this cold snap is cuz he retired and hell froze over. Ask anyone here who knows about it and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Next to oldest spawn has to go make subs for her music class tomorrow. It’s for a freakin grave, can you imagine??? Scary part is that she has the same music teacher I did. The teacher must have used Dorian Gray’s painter cuz she doesn’t look any different then she did 20 years ago.

The oldest spawn called tonight so she could get a ride home from work. I told her that since she wanted to be a big girl and move in with her aunt, that she needs to find her own rides home, and then not complain when I ask for gas money. Then my ass went in and took her home anyways. I’m such a sucker.

I am so totally psyched!! Tomorrow I am getting my cell phone back. I can’t wait. I miss my phone so much, but at the time it was either pay for the phones or get the house, and well I kinda chose the house for some odd reason. But tomorrow I get one back and I can’t wait.  YAY and I LUVS YOU CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!

My BIL is home from the hospital, and we still don’t know anything, except that he is feeling way better. Hopefully we will know whats going on soon, the waiting game sucks balls.


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