When did I become the adult???

Today I had to attend a meeting to decide the future placement of my grandmother. I have heard of the whole role-reversal thing over the years, but I always thought that it could never happen to me. My mother is there and she has her input as well, but I seem to be the advocate for the whole deal. I guess the whole being out spoken has it’s downfall.  I’m thinking it all goes back to when my grandparents moved in with me years ago.

I know it had happened with my grandfather when they found the lung cancer. I suddenly became the one to make the decisions and figure it all out. That was fun, I had two children and was pregnant with the third when it all went down.  I guess it happened with Gram after he died. I guess I just accepted it with out realizing that I had gained a fourth child.

When Gram moved home, two years ahead of me, I thought that I was done. My mom was there, and she could handle it all. Apparently she can handle most of it, but this is something that she just can’t get through. So, once again, I step up to the plate.

I guess I’m kind of being selfish, I want to be the child again.

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