The weekend

was better than usual. Went to Angelbabys, and as always, one of us got sick. This time it’s me. But I said the hell with it, we went out anyways. Lemme tell ya, the bars there were mega good for the ego. Picture me, runny nose, sneezy, and all that good shit, but looking around at what was there, iI was a goddess I tell ya.

The worst part is that we had to leave early on Sunday cuz I had to work last night.  Bummer. Thats ok tho, they are all coming out here for Feb. break, so its good. We are all stocking up on our Vitamin C so hopefully we will all be well, lol.

I came home to a cold house(furnace frigged up again) and very very upset pussy cats. All three of them. They have not left a human side since we got in. Smokey was pissed as hell, especially when he *gasp* smelled anther feline on my clothing.  Oopsy.


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