I am having some massive

writers block. I have had so many ideas running through my head, but for some reason, they have all been depressing.

Like my miscarriage 5 years ago. It was rough, but I thought i was way past that. I got pregnant right after and now have a healthy 4 year old running around. (Seriously, she is running around right now. What the hell is she doing up at 1 am??? Oh yeah, the hubby let her nap.) Maybe I feel guilty or something, I’m not sure.

That, after almost 30 years, I still miss my dad horribly. Some days it seems like only yesterday. Somehow I don’t think this is healthy, and I should probably get help for that one.

The one therapist that I did see told me I had issues letting go of things. NO SHIT!!! I already knew that, and now I was paying Captain Obvious to tell me this. That didn’t last long.

Well, I think I have confused everyone enough for one evening.

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One Response to I am having some massive

  1. veronica lee says:

    Hi and welcome to MBC!

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