how long is it going to snow?? It hasn’t stopped since it started yesterday around 6ish am. I know the whole “winter wonderland” concept is pretty and all, but I am totally sick of snow and ice. Is it too much to ask to be able to go somewhere and slip and slide??? The plus side is that the kids get to stay home while I go out, because it’s too chancy to take them with me, heh.

I tired sending the kids out to play, but I ahd to let them back in, lest they killed themselves. This is probably the suckiest vacation ever. Tons of snow and we’ve even had our own little pukefest. I’ve also had to learn how to jumpstart the furnace.

I’m off to town to try and salvage what is left of this week. The munchkins birthday is next week, so before the BFF leaves we are going to have a little party for her. That and stock up on lemonade. For Mommy.


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