Twitter and a birthday

I seem to be addicted to twitter. I can’t help it. I have it on here, and on my phone as well. I follow a few people around. I need to step away, but I just can’t seem to help myself. I was on blogs, and was trying to figure out where they got the cool “follow me” things. Finally, on my daily blog list I found one from here, and if you haven’t read her, you really should. As soon as I figure out my blog roll thingy, I’ll post them all, but I’m kinda HTML challenged. So it may be a while.

It was Munchkins birthday yesterday. We had a small party, just some family. There would have been more, but due to the tons of snow that was dumped upon us, that put a damper on that.

I have said enough on that topic, but here are some pics that speak volumes ­čÖé Enjoy.

100_0172 (had enough dinner, wheres my cake?)



100_0182 (thanks for the doodle bear Uncle M)


100_0201( i was told that he kept her up all night giving her kisses LOL)

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One Response to Twitter and a birthday

  1. I love her leopard dress! That’s totally something my own Munchkin would have worn back when she allowed me to dress her. ­čÖé

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