The school system

Where I live, there used to be nice small school districts. But thanks to our moronic(in my opinion) governor,(who instituted the “no child left behind act” here in Maine, and is totally useless((both the act and the gov. as far as im concerned.)) the smaller districts have been mushed together to make only a few gigantic districts.

To me this change is unwarranted and unneeded. Why take an already failing smaller system, and put them all together. They need to stay small, and to be fixed BEFORE they are merged. All this is going to do is make a very large suck-ass system where more kids are going to fall through the cracks and there are going to be more people that aren’t going to see it. At least in the smaller schools, like my number 3, where there are only 5 kids in her class(yes, you read that right) the teachers SEE all the kids and they do get the help that they need.

Maybe I’m over reacting. Heaven knows that it wouldn’t be the first time. As I see it, I’m not. They are going to be closing some schools, which will mean over crowding at others. In an age where it’s getting harder and harder(especially here) to keep the kids in school, I see it as adding to another problem.

Ok, I think that I am done ranting for now. The whole issue just pisses ticks me off.

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