I was suffering from netz withdrawal, so I asked Daddy dearest if i snag his laptop for a few days. I feel a bit better, but it seems that no one has a boot/repair disc for my comp. I am going to call Wally-World tommorow as I am still under the warranty. I is hoping they have one, I so don’t want to lose my pics. I will sit and bawl like a baby if that happens. That will so not be pretty. I look like Rudolph on crack when I cry. No joke. Ask anyone.

My next investment is going to be an external hard drive. Obviously I should have already made that purchase and am now kicking myself in the ass for it. Anyone want to join? Feel free if you do, I deserve it for this lil screw up. I just wish I knew what happened. I miss my laptop. ­čśŽ

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