Laptop Woes

if you read this then you know I’m having a few issues that I am trying to work through.

I went to the Acer site today, and found out that they don’t package them with the recovery/repair disc. You have to BUY it separately. On top of the hundreds i spent on the laptop, they want to charge me another 20 bucks plus shipping and handling. Now I realize that 20 dollars isn’t much, but as my hubby lost his job, and in Maine jobs are not an easy thing to come by, we are squeaking by on unemployment and my child support.

This isn’t a cry for someone to help, just so you know :). It’s just my sheer frustration coming through. What happened to them packing the disc with the computer when it was sold? They did used to come with them, I know this because I found the boot discs for the other puters i have bought over the years. It just totally sucks donkey balls.

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