I’m Baaack

Heh, go figure, I complain about not being read, then when a few people show up, I’m too busy to actually post.
Been trying to get down to clean out my grandmothers apartment out, now that we have moved her to the “assisted” living place. Now that we have that ball rolling, the guilts kicked in for my mom, and now we have to clean out the spare room at her house cuz thats where Gram is ending up.

Someone also called my landlord, who just happens to be my hubbys uncle and told him that the yard was full of trash. HELLO!!! Did they not notice the 6-7 feet of snow that we had? Or that it was sub-zero all winter? That half of that was stuff that had gotten dragged out by animals and buried? Holy Shnikeys Batman, everything was cleaned up as it thawed. What the hell do they want from me? If they can tell me how you can contain trash for 5-10 people to 1 bag per week, I will gladly take their advice. But why cause trouble? People need lives. For reals, why couldn’t they just come to me and say something, to where I could have pointed out that most of it was already cleaned up BEFORE they flucking called. I really hate people sometimes.

We had an Aaron’s open up by us. Its a rent-to-own place. Since no one really does layaway anymore, I love this place. I can pay them by the month, and own all the shit in a year. I feel better because I got my hubby his Christmas, Fathers Day, Anniversary and birthday present. He now has a 60 inch DLP tv. Hes a pround new pappa let me tell you.

He also got me something. Where my Acer crashed, he got me a Sony Vaio laptop. I am spoiled rotten, lol.

Now we just got a call from the hubbys cousin, and the other landlord, her mom, is coming to visit. Now technically this house is still up for sale at this time, so it’s supposed to be perfect. Now between all the hours I have actually put in lately at work, and then my mom and grandmother, and just having kids in general, I have to do a massive, massive cleaning. I have my work cut out for me this week.

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