My mom told me today that i need prozac. For reals. Just because I have a case of the blahs. Granted, they are the stay in a ball in bed, not hungry, just want to cry blahs. But they are still just a case of the blahs.
They won’t be here long enough to actually worry about, and no one will let me wallow in myself either. Tomorrow I need to be up early and head down south to grab Angelbaby and we are going to see Disturbed plus 4 other bands. It’s an all day thing and it should be awesome. Can’t take the camera, but my phone has a cam, so I will be shootin me some pics. Hopefully I don’t get ditched by Angel for David Drayman(sp) lol (Just kidding Jeffy-kins).
Next week is school vacation. Then I will be needing the prozac…and a very large bottle of whiskey. Feel free to send some ­čÖé

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