Sometimes plans fail….

but things still work out. I was supposed to go see Disturbed with my BFF Angel, but when I went online to try and get tix they were sold out. But we decided to make a day of it anyways.

We jumped in the car and headed down south. Gonna go to Portland and see if we could see the bands running around somewhere. Along the way we had to make a pit stop because my child free day somehow ended up with my lil Munchkin along for the ride. We found a bathroom and decided to check out the mall and we found a good will. Where i spent some money lol.

Hopped back onto the interstate and decided to go to Freeport instead, where there are shopping outlets galore. I went into a Coach outlet and didn’t drop a dime. It about killed me, but I have some friends that have purse parties and I can get them cheaper, and as most of us know, cheaper is always better.
I did spend about a hundred bucks all told, which isnt bad for me at all. I got an outfit for the muchkin, a yankee candle and some bath and body works goodies for me.

We decided to take the long, scenic way home. It was great and I have lived in this state most of my life, yet I was in places that I had never heard of. Saw some beautiful spots that we have to go back to and see soon.

It was a great day all in all. Some times the best laid plans that go wrong turn out for the best after all.

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One Response to Sometimes plans fail….

  1. VegasDad says:

    Road trips with no agenda are sometimes the best trips.

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