Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Especially since it was around 75ish today, and nice clear sky. Well, till it was time to bbq, and then the wind kicked up and kept blowing out the grill. The ribs were yummy tho, and so were the burgers. I am a damned good cook even if I do say so myself.
Got the Grandma out of the nursing home today, and just in time. She’s prone to yeast infections, not the usualy kind, but in her creases and folds, especially when its warm and she isnt being bathed properly. On her birthday she was oozing and purple (the 22nd) but she had seen a dr and had a scrip for it. Today we went to get here, and under her boobies was so so raw and red that a friend that when with us kept me from punching the staff. To say I was irate is the understatement of the year. Anyways, its all better now and shes safe at my moms.
I guess thats all the rambling I have for now. Have a wonderful night/day, whichever. TTFN

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