Its been awhile

But I’m back. Kinda. Not all good, warm and fuzzy like. Be forewarned though. This may get a bit jumpy.

I’m writing this in advance as I still don’t have Internet at home. My hubby hurt his knee and has been out of work for three weeks. I may end up caught up someday, but til then, I’m just going to have to soak up other peoples net.

Right now, we are in the middle of a house hunt. His aunt decided to sell the house out from under us. Lovely woman, she is. (you did read the sarcasm didn’t you) Now I need to find another place to live. I really don’t like most of the hubby’s family. I have been homeless three time, and all three times, it’s been because of his family. First time, his cousin had given us a couple acres of land, and he did a major boo boo, got divorced and we lost that. Ok, that wasn’t all his fault, I should have gotten it in writing, but still. The second time was due to his brothers. Apparently the hubby doesn’t deserve any of the family land, and his brothers went behind his back to the lawyer and took care of that. This will be time number three.

The upside is that we are going to look for a place closer to town. Where we are, we can’t get cable. Or DSL. Or anything that isn’t satellite. I’m actually feeling like this town is a jinx anyways. Maybe stuff will get better when we get the hell outta Dodge. Looking back, it seems that every time we move back here, more shit happens. When we spent the 10 months in the shelter, we were actually happy. There really wasn’t anything bad that happened during that time. Well, there were a couple of things. Nothing earth shattering tho. So the change of scenery will be nice. That and cable Internet!!!! So yeah I’m sold on moving to town.

The biggest problem in house hunting is is the kids. Its not my problem, but the minute you tell someone you have 3 kids, they like, start to freak out. Suddenly nothing is big enough. It drive me nuts. Thats the reason that we were in the shelter so long. No on wants to rent to a large family. Even with a voucher which is guaranteed money each month.

In other news, if the hubby doesn’t go back to work, I’m going to have to mail the pieces to someone. Maybe the dog will eat them if I mix them with her kibble. Hrmmm, gonna have to think on that one.

The girls are taking the whole having to move thing well. They are kinda happy except that the house we move into isn’t going to be as big as this one and someone will prolly have to share a room. But I think that they can get past that too. Its not the biggest challenge that we have ever come upon, and we will handle this too.

Ok, guess thats enough for now.

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