Just a Post

to let you know I’m alive. Live sucks a bit right now. For starters, we were given a whole 5 days to pack up and move out of a five bedroom house, with no where to go. The real kicker is that its the DHs aunt. The other day he want some lovin’ and I just told him that I was so busy getting fucked by his family that I don’t have any thing left for him. He, of course, did not find the humor it. I did.

Anyways, we found a temp place to live. My sister has a trailer that she doesn’t use as she is living with her bf at this time. It buys me a month or so to find a place we all fit into and then I call my lawyer. There has to be some compensation for what we have gone through. I’m not even mad on behalf of my self and dh……it’s my kids. They didn’t give a flying fuck that they were being tossed out and had no where to go. So from here on out, its no more Mrs Nice Guy. Imma kick some ass.

OK there ya go, I’m alive and kicking…..for now ­čÖé

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