I’m going to write on a subject that I’m pretty familiar with. Yup, been homeless. Not in the I have to sleep on the streets way. I’ve always been able to find a place for my kids to sleep. But in the I have no place to call my own, put my feet up and do whatever I want way.

It seems that the hubby’s family had a thing against us being happy and settled. Everytime that we have been as such, his family, in one way or another has managed to fuck things up for us.

The first time, we were given an acre of land by his cousin. Nothing in writing, it had been in the family for a couple hundred years, so we didn’t worry about it. Then his cousin did something incredibly wrong, stupid and pretty much unforgivable. That cost us the first place. Kind of our fault for not having it in writing.

Next was when his dad died. We were on a little piece of land with a two bedroom trailer. Not big enough, but we were going to add on over time. His brothers totally screwed him out of everything that was there, and he got nothing. Not even a stick of furniture that was his fathers. The total ass kicker is that they are his step brothers, and he wasn’t their father….But they got it all and that was number two.

This time we had found a house. His uncle was all for it, said that we could live there, no problems. It was big enough and everything. The kids all had their own rooms for the first time. It was awesome. Then along came his aunt….the wicked witch of the east, prolly the west too. Decided that she absolutely had to sell the house. Couldn’t and wouldn’t owner finance for her own nephew. The house wasn’t even worth all that much, we had put a lot of money into fixing a lot of it. That didn’t count, she sold it out from under us, and then gave us all of 7 days to pack up everything and for me to find a roof to put over my kids heads.

Luckily, my sister has a trailer that she pays rent on but doesn’t use. She’s been staying with her boyfriend. The only problem with this is that it’s a two bedroom trailer and there are 5 of us. It’s a tight squeeze. But we can do this, It is way better than the homeless shelter we lived in, or bouncing all over the place a night at a time. They have beds, a roof and television. On the 10th we will have cable for the time we are here, so life isn’t all that bad. At least it doesn’t feel cursed here like it did in tha\e godforsaken town we were in. All I know is that we will make it. We always do. I may not always be happy about it. But we will.
And I am very grateful for my friends and family, they have been there through it all and stood by my side for the good and bad.
And that is what it’s all about. As long as I have my hubby, kids and my family, I will always have security. But it would really be nice to have my own damned house tho :p

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