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The beginning of the empty nest has started. My oldest chick has done gone and flew the coop. She actually did this around February, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing. I will say that I am very proud of her and her bf. They are paying their rent on time, buying their food, cell phone minutes etc, and doing it on their own. I do miss her and her incessant babbling, but I also get about 10 texts a day from her. The only thing that burns my biscuits is that she dropped out of school. I really wish she hadn’t because you NEED that diploma to get anywhere today. Without it, she will end up working in fast food for the rest of her life, and she is way to smart for that.

The next to oldest is trying to get me to say that she can drop out as well. I cannot get it thru their thick heads that it is no longer acceptable (not that it really ever was) and that they will never get a job without a diploma. I know every one makes a big deal out of empty nest syndrome. All I know is that I want to test it out for myself. If my kids are anything like my mothers, they will never truly be gone for long.

What is about school, now that it’s more important than ever, that kids need the education, that makes them want to drop out. I think a lot if it is that they are not being prepared for high school properly anymore. Then there is the “no child left behind” act. Which is stupid. There is no real prep for the real world anymore. There is no failing. Even in school sports, sportsmanship isn’t taught anymore. The whole system is failing our children, and people still vote for it. Do people nor realize that it isn’t good, or healthy to be told that its ok no matter what? That the real world is a mean cruel place and no one will pass you just because???

Dunno. I am very random tonight. I guess there is a lot of crap going through my mind. Like the fact that there is very little or no discipline anymore. People let their kids do and say whatever they want with no repercussions. No manners are enforced. Anything that is said or done is followed by “if you do that im gonna call cps on you!!” Hells on that, I gave my kids the phone and even dialed the number for them. There are a lot of parents that have become lazy and or fearful of the government, which they have given the power to, to do anything. I personally don’t care. People have called CPS on me before, always with my prevailing. I’m not saying I’m a great mom, but my kids are healthy, well adjusted and polite. They realize that the world does not revolve around them. That you don’t always win, and that there will be punishment for something wrong. They are not beaten, abused, neglected or anything along those lines. But they are disciplined, and I will applaud anyone who will say that and enforce it. I cannot stand, rudeness, disrespect or anything along those line.

Ok, I think that once again, I have rambled nonsensically for a long enough period of time. If you are still there, thanks J

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2 Responses to more random stuffs

  1. MsDarkstar says:

    I went to a very good high school (boarding school) but only have 1 year of college and regret deeply not having a degree. If I, with 20+ years work experience but no degree get shunned in the professional world, not having a high school diploma is pretty much a guarantee of a life of hardship.

    The hard thing is, at this age, (insert any age from 12-21) they’re sure that we have no clue what is good for them. If they only knew…

    • downeastsmurfette says:

      Yeah, they pretty much think they have it all figured out. Im only an adult, what do I know?? They will figure it out one day, I just hope they do it quickly lol.

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