All is finally right with the world…..

Well, not totally, but for my corner it’s at least better. To try and make me feel better with all that’s going on, my DH got me cable tv, phone and best of all, INTERNETZ!!!!!!! SO here I sit on my lil laptop with my wireless up and running and I do feel a bit better than I did.

I feel so bad for the poor cable guy tho. Pouring rain, and he had to not only climb one pole, but two. Gets that done comes in and..nothing. Goes back out to check the hook up and someone had hacked thru the line that was run out here before. So he ran a whole new cable that the DH needs to bury to save us a whole lotta $$$$$.

After that he gets us hooked up the net works, and there was no sound from the tv….he brought in this ribbon thingy and Viola (ok where the lil accent thing when i need it?) we now have working everything ­čśÇ

So there we go. There is harmony in my universe once again. For now.

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