Happy Fathers Day.

I have several ideas for this post. I don’t want to offend anyone so I am going to try my best.

I have a couple of dads. First is my bio father who passed away when I was 13. He was not perfect. But as far as being a dad, he had it pretty down pat. He was there for our ballgames, our sicknesses, birthdays, holidays. My parents divorced when I was 7, so my father had to travel about 800 miles to do all this. I would get off the bus on Friday, and he would be there. We would spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning together. Then after cartoons, he would leave til next weekend. My brother and I were the lucky ones there. We had a dad.

Awhile down the road, my mom married my now “dad”. I was just about 16 when they got married. He was 21. He stepped right up and dealt with the responsibilities that come with a ready made family. (there was another step father in the middle, and I do love him, but dad is not the most fitting word for him) He took on me, my brother (13) and sister(5). I still consider him a very brave man for that LOL. He earned the title dad
and wears it proudly, if somewhat awkwardly at times. It’s got to be hard to realize that you are only 6 years older than the girl that calls you dad. But he does, and he’s awesome. He and my husband are a very rare breed.

Then there is the bio dad to my oldest three. They are starting to call him the sperm donor. This is through nothing that I have done or said. This is what they have all figured out on their own. I think what finally did it was last summer, he was supposed to be here for a week to spend time with them. He looked at them on his second day here and told HIS children that he couldn’t justify spending the money staying here, and was leaving the next morning. The youngest that I have with him was devastated. He also never calls, but he does send his child support regularly and sends birthday and holiday cards with out fail. They all adore my husband and even though things get rough, they still love to spend time with him, and would rather spend time with him than their dad.

But anyways, here’s to the dads out there, the ones that have earned their stripes and the title Dad. May every child have one.

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