I have a job that I really like. But you ever have a job where someone was lazy, and you had to pick up all the slack? Not all the time, just certain nights. Its either always busy or she doesnt feel good or something along those lines. Its really starting to get to me. I complain to the boss, but it gets me nowhere, except in trouble when I don’t get it all done. *sigh* That’s life I guess.

In the good news department, the sun is trying like hell to peek out from the clouds and I may get some semi decent days off. Maybe I can get the Munchkin outside and stop her from literally climbing the walls.

On the other front, there are the deaths of three icons. Ed MacMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Before anyone asks, back in the day, MJ was an awesome singer/songwriter/performer. I am not looking at anything he did past Bad, because it kind of makes me sick. But pedophilia does that to me. I know he was only suspected and never convicted, but still. The thought is just gut wrenching.

Now onto the fun stuff. You all like a good rack, I know ya do. Go here, and check em out, they are all awesomeness at it best. I’m number 19 if you are so inclined ­čÖé

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