I have my late father-in-law’s 1989 GMC C2500 pickup truck. It had a 454 in it, but one of my b-i-l’s took out the motor for his car(which is also awesome and kicks ass) I have been searching for a motor and a tranny for this bad boy since I got the truck. Talked to the DH and found out that a buddy of his has this motor!! He also has the turbo 400 to go with it, which is good, but its an automatic, and i prefer standard. But this is alright, as I have the standard tranny which my f-i-l put in the truck, so now it’s just decision time. Do I go for the automatic, which meaens my dh can drive my truck, or do I stick with the standard which 1) is what the f-i-l wanted 2) what i really like 3) the dh cant drive it(he has bad knees, he knows how to drive a standard peoples). Decisions, decisions. I’m just glad the motor isnt going to cost $3000. YIPPIE!!!

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