I wonder…..

what people are thinking most days. I’m a clerk in a store, and I hear people talking about the customer is always right, so forth and so on. In alot of cases this may be true, but does it give the consumer the right to be a rude prick? I have an awesome boss, and she has told me that I don’t have to put up with it and she backs us up.

But what about the clerk/cashier/counter person whos boss/company believe that is always so? I’m sorry, but in some cases the customer is not always right, and they need to treat that person the way they want to be treated. Most of these service people are getting minimum wage to do a thankless job. We know that you want in and out. But we can only do so much so fast.

Next time you are shopping, if you want to see a smile and be treated nicely and with a smile, try doing the same. It’s amazing what happens when you realize that the person on the other side of the counter IS a person and has feelings JUST.LIKE.YOU.

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