Poor Neglected Blog

I thought it was time to pop over and say something, anything. The summer has taken its toll on my poor blog. Its been a semi-hectic summer, so I really have been busy between work, one cat having kittens, another one ready to have kittens, work, my truck breaking down, my dog thinking shes the kittens mother…it never ends. Kinda like that last sentence.

Good thing is that my truck should be fixed soon. Got the fuel pump, just need the hubs to actually put it in. Ah, the joys of being married to a mechanic.

The first batch of kitties didn’t go so well. It was her first litter and the first two were stillborn. That left 4. Then one of them fell out of where she had them and broke its neck. Poor thing, but she was still giving birth, so I couldn’t move them. ­čśŽ Then there were 3. The next one was the runt, and when I noticed that she was ignoring it, and not feeding, I ran into town and bought kitten formula and a bottle. Poor thing died just as I was mixing the formula up. I still feel bad that I didn’t catch it in time, but I also know that the mom cat does ignore them for reasons, usually if there is something wrong. So that leaves us two very fat and healthy kittens. Very cute too ­čÖé

The only issue momma cat has is that my dog keeps moving and trying to mother the kittens. She is not very happy with Cocoa at the moment. People slam pit bulls all the time, but if they could see her being just as gentle and cleaning and mothering the kittens, they might actually think twice. Its cute beyond words.

The next kitty is due to have her kittens anytime. Also a first litter. So we are kind of apprehensive as to how it all will go. That and trying to keep Cocoa from helping.

Work is another story. Kinda crazy, people not coming in and all that. But its all good. Summer is almost over tho and that sucks.

Going to close out the post with a couple pics from Popham Beach. Hand an awesome day there with Angel, Jeff and the kids.






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