Two Years

Today, it has been two years since you were tragically taken from our lives. Not a day goes by that most of us don’t think of you in one way or another. For me, when I pass the site of the accident, I still get chills. But we always knew I was strange anyways.

I still spend time kicking myself for all those shoulda, coulda moments. I know I shouldn’t. But I also know that they would have given me more time with one of my best friends.

You would be so proud of your son. He’s done well. He graduated this past June. Growing up to be a fine man, who reminds me a lot of you and Gordo lol.

I promise that I really don’t dwell on it much, but every now and then I do something and think of you, as I’m sure a lot of others do. I know Mom (mine) misses you very much as well. You know she thought of you as her other daughter.

I talked to Mom (yours) the other day. She’s pulling thru, but you can see the toll its taken on her as well. I told her that she can always find me and that I would be there if she ever needed me.

I know that it really shouldn’t still be this painful, but it is. You were my best friend, sister, and asskicker. I still miss you. And dammit, I turned 40 before you ­čśŽ

So tonight, like the past year, I will have a drink, find the pictures and think about the good times. I love you and miss you still……..

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