Back to school

That most wonderful time of the year is here. The first day of school. I love fall for numerous reasons, but that it my favorite. Because they get bored and restless. I get phone calls from children trying to kill each other while I’m at work. Child #3 started today, and #2 starts on Friday, being a junior and able to skip freshman days.

I do not like the back to school shopping however. I am not a patient person, and have a very low tolerance for basic stupidity. I have children, but I am not the parent that continues to shop while my child is having a breakdown. I refuse to subject anyone to that type of nonsense. Not even myself. Thats what the hubs is for. Knock on wood, and yeah I may be bragging a bit, but my kids know better than to pull that shit in a store. For one, they were not raised to act like animals. I do not cave in buy things just because everyone else has them. We go, get what we need, and get out. If they behave, there will be a reward. They will get that toy, cd or other item the next time I go back. They understand that we are on a very tight budget, what with being poor and all, and that I cannot do it all, and unlike the parents of their friends, I refuse to go under to pacify them. My meltdowns are way worse then theirs, and they now that. Because I am that mature.

This year I got my biggest kick from shopping from #3. We were trying to get her a pair of pants, and we picked a pair that she wanted. She went in and tried them on. Came back out and put the pants down and asked “Can I get another pair? I don’t like pants with clicky buttons.” I just about died. The child is 13 and never have I done the baby talk thing. But the child did not know what a snap was. OMG, where have I failed? Or does she just take after her sperm donor more than I thought? Still it was good for a laugh, almost as good as #2 and the auger. But that is for another day.

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