Stupid allergies

Damned things have been keeping me down this week. I just sniffle, sneeze and cough my way around. Not cool, cuz everyone is tweaking with the whole H1N1 virus thing. If it keeps up much longer, I’m going to have to get it stamped on my forehead so people won’t run away.

Not that H1N1 isn’t serious. It’s killed a few people. It’s just now actually hitting here. A friends dad is in quarantine for it. They aren’t sure if that’s what it is yet, but they aren’t taking any chances.

On a more depressing note, summer is over. I had to have the furnace on last night. I think we actually had frost the night before. This summer was a joke. Rain and cold all June and July, and then oppressive heat all August. We got one nice week and that was it. I’m just hoping that maybe winter will be mild. The tons of snow last year were not my idea of fun.

K, that’s enough whining for now. Have a loverly day!!!

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One Response to Stupid allergies

  1. MsDarkstar says:

    Where I live now is expecting a brutal winter. Which is why I’m getting the hell outta here and heading South.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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