Hows it been going? Been busy busy busy.

My sister is helping her best friend plan her wedding, and somehow I got roped into it all. So now I have been spending time fooking for burgandy leaves and colors that go with it. It’s been pretty, but just time consuming.


Also the munchkin started pre K two weeks ago. Its only 2 days a week, but its all day. It also happens to be on the days I work, so that worked out well. She loves it and gets mad because she can’t go every day. She is a little sponge and that’s a good Too damned smart for her own good too lol.


Her first day of school. Yeah, I know she looks a bit like Popeye, but the sun was in her face and that was the longest I could get her to hold still.

Other than that, still trying to settle my too large family into the too small trailer. Its been fun packing up my sisters stuff and then unpacking and trying to find room for ours. *sigh* Oh well, someday it will be my turn. I just hope its while I’m still young enough to enjoy it lol.


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