Anyone else

every have one of “those” days? You know, the ones where you knew the moment you got out of bed, you should just climb back in?

Tuesday was that day. If it could have went wrong it did. My car broke down, and I was stuck for 2 hours. There was an inspector at my hubs job, I was an hour and a half late for work. The health inspector showed up there. I knew we would pass, but it’s still nerve wracking. Got home from work that night, after waiting for an extra hour cuz the hubs was my ride and he was busy. The kids had made a massive mess. I just grabbed a 6 pack and went and hid in my room.

luckily the rest of the week went much better, and things will be well as soon as we get my truck fixed. Stupid fuel pump. 300 dollars worth of fuel pump. Oh well, I need the truck and that is way cheaper than buying a new one.

At least no one was hurt. Just aggravated.

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