The question of Santa

is one that gets asked here alot this time of year. Talk of naughty and nice and presents.

They ask if I believe in Santa. I have to say I do. It seems that no matter how bad things are, there is some type of miracle that allows me to give my kids a decent Christmas. Not an over the top, we got everything that we wanted, but nice. This year it happened to come in the form of an advance on taxes and some help from a local charitable type place that helps those of us who need a bit.

The only thing is that the older kids know who Santa is, so the threats don’t work as well on them. Though I found out threatening to take everything back and throw the tree out do. I had a slight temper tantrum tonight and traumatized the munchkin when I went nuts on the bigger two and actually unplugged the tree and was walking to the door. I feel a bit bad about that, but I did get the message through their thick heads.

I hope that anyone who reads this gets their Christmas wish, or miracle or what ever you want to call it. Know that I am wishing, hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed for you. Merry Christmas. And remember, the new year is around the corner, and we can all put some hope there.

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