I know, a real original post title right? Well, I never claimed originality, now did I?

This year has definitely come in with a bang here in the downeast area. Started snowing on Thursday and still hasn’t stopped. Luckily its only about 2 feet so far. But still enough with the white stuff already. I wanted to get a pic of all the loveliness but it’s freaking cold out, so that is just going to have to wait.

I am hoping this is the year my luck changes a bit. Not much. I have happy, healthy kids, a husband that I adore. A family that is (mostly) awesome.

The only thing I want is peace of mind. I don’t want to rob Peter to pay Paul. I know that most people have to at one time or another, but I have been doing it for far too long. I’m not asking for major money, just enough that I don’t have to worry about the oil barrel being empty, or how I’m going to get our next meal. I always manage and my kids never go without. But I want a little bit of not having to worry about it. But either way, I will survive. I won’t complain(too much) about it. Life goes on and we just have to make the most of it ­čÖé The kids make sure of that.

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