Hi there :)

Been awhile. But you know how that real life thing is. Catches up sometimes and kicks you in the butt.

Being unemployed has made me even busier than I was when I was working. I am now an official taxi driver)not really, but close enough). Between my mom, sister, husband and kids, I live in my van.

Lets see, has anything of actual import happened since the last time I was here:

The hubs got arrested for OAS(operating after suspension) (wouldn’t have been a big deal, but the state did not see fit to notify him of this….all for a seat belt ticket!!)

Hit a bad spell. Depression reared its ugly head, and it almost won. I have a past history with S.I., and it took alot, but I made it further unscarred. Go me!!

School is almost out and Kim is graduation 8th grade. I have been to a million fund raisers (spaghetti dinner, bottle drives((yuck)) yard sales).

Getting the munchkin screened and registered for kindergarten next year. This one is going to be extra fun as I live outside the town where she will be going to school. I refuse to send her to the local school here and the school board has issues. But I do too. I’m meaner and I will win. Her education is more important than their B.S.

There are other things, but they are boring and trivial. Not that the above isn’t, but hey, this is my space and I can ­čśÇ

I am looking forward to a wonderful summer with the kids while looking for gainful employment. So if you need a receptionist/secretary I am available.

On that note, I leave you with an image of Saturday night fun at Mom and Dads. You should see the Jeep…

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One Response to Hi there :)

  1. MsDarkstar says:

    Welcome back… as you can see, we left the light on for you!

    And most of the “Stay-at-home” moms I know are actually “live-in-minivan” moms!

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