I need a vacation from summer vacation!

This weekend has just started. I want to go back and rewind. The good news is hubby is back to work!! (insert loud cheers here)

The interesting thing is that the munchkin has taken temper tantrums to a whole new level. Last night I told her no candy bar and to go to bed. Within 2 seconds of that we heard “Daddy I swallowed a penny, on purpose!! My throat hurts and its stuck here!” Luckily she could breath and stuff, but we took her to the emergency room anyways, just to make sure it wasn’t going to cause any problems. So now I get to spend the next few days going into the ER so they can xray her tummy to make sure it all comes out in the end.

I knew I should have stuck with puppies!!!!!

I guess thats all the news, cept still no job ­čśŽ A wonderful person offered to look over my resume, and I need to find that and send it. Thanks Ms. Darkstar ­čÖé

Have a wonderful evening. I plan on having a quiet one ­čÖé

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