Another long day :)

Not too awful bad. Just odd. The penny is making progress so now its just time to watch the poop. Yay!! Not. LOL

Had to take my step dad to bail my step uncle out of jail. OUI, got in an accident, totally hammered. Of course he hit on me non stop, and every other female he came across. Just totally grossed me out. Blah. Oh well, at least I’m home and left my parents with the problem lol.

Yesterday, my oldest turned 19. Shes in NY with her dad, and having a great time. Today, the next to oldest turned 17. She got the laptop she wanted. Thank goodness for my mom selling me her old one, so I could do that. So birthdays are good for now. Next weekend, we are going to have a family bbq, for all the birthdays. The girls, my sister and my step dad are all this week.

Tomorrow I get to have fun. I’m missing 2 child support checks and I have to call the state to get the run around. The fun never ends. lol

Anyways thats more than enough for one night. Since I am way over tired and am rambling I am going to go. Nyte nyte all.

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