Every have good news

and couldn’t share it yet????? I am so bursting at the seams and I want to tell but I can’t yet!!!!! As soon as I can, I will fill you in but til then, pray that I don’t explode!!! Please! LOL

Less than a month til school starts! YAY for that, let me tell you. This summer cannot end soon enough. I am not a fan of the cold, but this summer has been a total suck. If there were a suck-o-meter, it would have busted it.Yeah, it really was that bad. Why can’t I call do over? I wish I were a kid again and I so totally would.

In other news, my cats are all finally fixed and I am down to nine. Don’t ask how many I started with cuz it’s scary(17). But they are going slowly and I will only have 3 when I’m done.

Thats all the rambling that is fit to write this evening so I’m going to sign off. TTFN!!!!

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One Response to Every have good news

  1. MsDarkstar says:

    But… but…. now I wanna know! *Pout*

    Glad y’all have some good news!

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