Nice to finally be back on line. I am honestly surprised that this is still standing.

It’ not that I didn’t want to be here, but I moved, and when I did my cable went bye bye. I live in the sticks where there is no cable. It was either dial up or satellite. Since they wanted over 200 bucks just to set up the sat. I passed. Finally a week ago, they got DSL here in Nowhereland. YEEHAW BAYBEE!!!!!

I could fill you in on everything thats been going on in the past couple of months, but I doubt you want the drama. However if you do, I will more than gladly unload lol.

Hopefully I will be back on a regular basis. I’m not saying its going to be enthralling, but I’ll be here.

Have a lovely evening all!!!!

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One Response to Hello!!!!!!

  1. michelle says:

    hi im glad you are back i was wondering what had happened to you!!! Would love to know what has been happening with you
    take care

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