I’m wicked tired tonight, but I figured I need to post a bit more. You know, the whole neglect thing going on here ­čÖé

There hasn’t been alot going on around here. Way too much snow and way too cold to go out anywhere. We got a four wheeler for Xmas, but it’s buried under four feet of snow. I won’t get to play til spring, but at least I can go look at the two inched of windshield thats showing.

My oldest child has decided that she is getting married in a little under two years. On Halloween 2012 to be exact. She’ll be 21 then and her and her fiance have been together for two years now, so they do know what they are doing.

I’ll come up with more tomorrow, but I have a killer toothache and as you can see I am very scattered tonight.

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One Response to Scatterings

  1. michelle says:

    Well you have no excuse now to not update now!!!!!

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